Limited Partnerships Portfolio Evaluation Research

More than $4.9 trillion has been subscribed to Private Equity funds since 2000 by institutional and family office investors.We provide an independent LP Portfolio Evaluation Service to Family Office investors which includes the following research and information for internal valuation purposes for a Family Office to evaluate potential risks associated when evaluating new LP investment proposals or subscription to additional limited partnership offerings from existing managers. This service includes the following:

  • Investment Return Performance of General Partner in contrast with peer managers
  • Any changes in General Partner or Principal constituencies
  • LP Portfolio analysis and update on company-by-company basis
  • Market and Industry Sector Risk Analysis
  • NAV tests of existing LP portfolio positions
  • Potential distribution analysis
  • Secondary strategies for LP Liquidity
  • Legacy Asset Strategic Alternatives

These services are based upon our own extensive experience and knowledge in the research, evaluation and acquisition of limited partnership interests using our developed research platforms. This research service is provided to our Family Office Clients on a fixed fee basis.