Asset Management

We specialise in the acquisition, management and realisation of mature investments to create higher than market returns. We offer a fully integrated approach, utilising our in-house research and strategic advisory expertise to actively acquire and manage assets.

We maintain a disciplined investment and monitoring process. We focus on companies that are trading at a substantial discount to our estimate of intrinsic value. We capitalise upon the regulatory changes which are being introduced in order to generate liquidity for our clients. The International Monetary Fund estimates that more than $2 trillion of private equity assets will be divested by banks over the next five years.

We have a distinct advantage through our dedicated research and global network, which generates proprietary opportunities to directly acquire private equity assets. We benefit from 28 years of advisory and private equity investment experience working with global financial institutions. Our advantages include:

  • Consistent flow of direct and indirect opportunities
  • Full visibility of all assets to be acquired prior to capital commitments
  • Capital commitment on a fund by fund basis
  • Active management and process standardization to deliver quality diligence, efficient review, updated financial order and results

Our fee structure is highly competitive and linked to our results so that our interests are aligned with our partners. We have branded our asset management funds under the name Chartwell. Chartwell I was launched in 2013, when Winchester acquired PaineWebber Capital, Inc. from UBS. We are interested in cultivating long-term relationships with clients who are seeking capital appreciation over the medium term. We are restricted to working with Qualified Investors only as co-investment partners and encourage our partners to conduct independent diligence prior to making any co-investment decision.