Buy-Side Origination Terms

Efficient & Effective Buy-Side Process

Winchester offers an efficient and effective buy-side process which streamlines submissions to strategics, private equity firms and private investors. Many of our submissions are before a formal sale process has been initiated to give our clients a lead advantage.

Our process works as follows:

  • Winchester provides a target description together with market and financial data to assess whether the client acquirer has interest. We further confirm that the client acquirer is not in discussion with the target.

  • Upon identification of the target and execution of a Confidentiality Agreement, a non-refundable fixed sum is paid to cover origination and target research costs. This sum, known as the Work Fee, is fully credited against a Performance Fee which is calculated on the total Purchase Consideration for the target company or asset.

  • The Performance Fee is due and payable at completion when all previous fees and expenses are fully credited.

All buy side terms and conditions are agreed with the Client and covered under a letter of engagement. Winchester does not provide fairness opinions but can arrange this in conjunction with other banks or financial advisors.