Global & Strategic Research

Research is the key to unlock value

Winchester’s global research and diligence services draw from our academic and commercial data bases featuring over 3,000,000 public and private companies worldwide. Direct acquisitions and originations are made feasible through close observance of company performance, comparables and market trends. Equally, we monitor public and private equity holdings understanding the duration of limited partnerships and programmed periods for liquidity exits, before a process is formally commenced. This results in significant savings to our Clients when preemptive acquisitions are secured to avoid costly auctions. When competing in a process, strategy, research and innovative approaches are imperative to winning transactions.

Client research is available on a fixed fee basis and also included within the WinStar® M&A Global Resource (click here).

Winchester has published INSIGHT© our leading research publication circulated to approximately 5,000 parties worldwide. Our publications include INSIGHT GLOBAL MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS report and GLOBAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT. Click here for recent INSIGHT report samples.